Buy Together

Join forces with friends to get into your own home quicker


Does it feel impossible to get onto the property ladder?

You’re not alone. Rising house prices are making it harder and harder for people to enter the property market.

At coHome we believe that by working together in smart ways we can keep the home ownership dream alive. Our easy-to-use online portal makes it simple to bring friends or family together to purchase a house.

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How it works

Why buy with others?

Invest with friends

Increase your buying power

Lighten the repayment load

Share the cost of owning a home

Live with your mates

Pay off your loan quicker

What you get with coHome

Management portal

Manage all aspects of your group through our online dashboard.


Get access to a great mortgage rate from one of our partner banks.

Legal contract

Build your co-ownership agreement to cover your group for different circumstances.

How does coHome work?

  1. Sign up online
  2. Invite friends or family to join your group
  3. Find the perfect property
  4. Apply for your home loan
  5. Build out your co-ownership agreement
  6. Move into your new home together

How much does it cost?

One low fee of    $249 

*FREE for anyone who also gets their home loan through us.

Who can coHome?

Vijay was going to give his daughter Sonia money for a deposit towards her first house. Instead by using coHome, he helped her afford a better house and he also owns a share of the property.
James and Will were living at home with their parents and wondering how they would ever afford a home. Using coHome they found a great 2-bedroom apartment in the city, for almost the same price as renting together.
These university friends had been renting a shared house together in Surrey Hills whilst working as young professionals. Rather than buying a house an hour or more from the city, they realized they could join forces using coHome to buy a 3 bedder less than 15 mins from the CBD.
Since getting married, these 2 couples had enjoyed a number of memorable times down the Mornington Peninsula. One such weekend they did the math and worked out they could pool their resources using coHome to buy their very own beach house to share.
Casper and Gary are a couple who have been renting together for a while, wanting to take the next step in their relationship they’re ready to buy together. Using coHome ensures they have their own defined shares in the property should they ever need to go their separate ways.

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How much could we borrow?

Estimate how much your coHome group could borrow* using our calculator

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