Our Story

coHome is the brainchild of three startup co-founders who were working on bringing innovative solutions to the Australian home loan market. As they were doing market research they kept coming across examples of young people who viewed owning their own home as a close to impossible dream.

Given their own experience of coming together to form a company with different skills and expertise, they thought a similar mechanism could work with buying a home.

Knowing a number of people already live together in shared housing, they thought why couldn’t this arrangement continue? Except living in a property owned by the tenants – not by a landlord!

On top of this, research shows 1 in 5 Australians get family help to buy their first home, couldn’t this be expanded upon so that a better house could be bought by the family taking an ownership share in the property?

Thus was born, coHome.

CoHome is a new platform which allows people to easily manage and coordinate the home buying process with others. Bringing some of the key processes – getting a mortgage, finding a property and drawing up a co-ownership agreement, into a simple-to-use online portal.

The concept is simple - times are changing and getting onto the property ladder is harder than ever. But by joining up with friends or family, we can still achieve this dream.

coHome is the platform to help make this a reality.

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Josh Littin

Chief Executive Officer

Josh is a marketing and digital user experience specialist with a track record of driving digital results in major organisations across Australia and NZ.

He has developed and managed multi-million dollar online sales channels and delivered successful marketing campaigns for Australia Post, Telstra, GE Capital and Bank of New Zealand.

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Conor Svensson

Chief Technology Officer

Conor is a seasoned technologist having lead and managed development teams at UBS, ANZ and Deutsche Bank, responsible for delivering risk, regulatory reporting, and algorithmic trading platforms.

Well versed in agile/lean development practices and quantitative modelling of financial markets.

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Damian Horton

Chief Operating Officer

Damian has global experience across fixed income investments, including securitisation of mortgages & loans at JP Morgan, credit portfolio management at Prudential Financial and capital modelling & balance sheet management at Macquarie.

CFA Charterholder and holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School. Damian obtained a Masters in Mathematics at the University of Oxford (Keble College).